Making Reading Memories

“My kids got the books and watched the videos yesterday. The boys loved them and were interacting with the video. I was told they were trying to read along and watch me. I sincerely appreciate the MRM program. I’ve never done anything like this before, but it really and truly is an amazing experience not only for the kids but for me as well.”
– parent in jail participating in the Making Reading Memories program

Through Making Reading Memories (MRM), parents are video recorded reading a book to their child. The video and the book are sent to the child and their caregiver, allowing children to watch and read along with their parents anytime.

To help them feel prepared and comfortable while being recorded, parents first participate in a one-hour workshop Read and Connect. This program covers the importance of reading aloud for healthy child development and parent/child bonding. It also covers ways to read in an engaging, conversational style to create a fun learning experience for children and parents.


  • Reading and looking at books together helps maintain the parent/child bond.
  • Literacy exposure is increased.
  • The contact between parent and child increases the probability of a successful transition back into the child’s life.
  • Consistent contact with parents can also reduce the trauma for children during this stressful time.

Example Video: Created by a Volunteer